Bibliophile News

“Bibliophile News” – a journal about books and bibliophiles.

“Bibliophile News” is devoted to modern-day book collecting as a “living” activity. The principal criteria for the selection of material are the currency and topicality of topics and events. The tasks of the publication are to bring together people interested in book-collecting, to obtain useful and wanted information, and to communicate this to all who may benefit.

The journal consists of:

  • The Chronicle of active bibliophile societies (including dates and topics of meetings, the issuance of printed materials, among them commemorative ephemera, catalogs of exhibitions and collections, and other society publications).

  • The Survey of antiquarian book auctions (with a list of the most interesting lots and prices).

  • Bibliographical information on bibliology, bibliophily, and the history of libraries.

  • News of provincial bibliophiles and Russian-language bibliophily abroad.

  • New author, editorial and book-trade bibliophile projects.

Our readers: bibliophiles, members of Organization of Russian Bibliophiles, and anyone interested in current bibliophile information (bibliologists, historians, personnel of public libraries, archives, museums; philologists, historians of literature, bookdealers, antiquarians, auctioneers, proprietors of fine presses, editors of bibliophile publications).